As Sisters of St. Joseph living in the 21st Century, we believe in the power, presence and love of God working through an evolving universe and in God’s self-communication through Jesus Christ. As women of the Church, we recommit ourselves to Jesus’ mission as we move with the Spirit to bring about God’s reign and seek to promote justice, to live lives of non-violence and to respond to the needs of our time.

Chapter 2011 Direction Statement
In 17th century France in the small village of LePuy, six courageous women envisioned a community rooted in the ‘great love of God and neighbor without distinction.’ Living among the people and moved by this love, these ‘sisters of the neighborhood’ responded to whatever were the needs of the times.
In the spirit of their founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph continue to work tirelessly to bring God’s inclusive love to schools, hospitals, orphanages, health care centers, educational programs for immigrant women, the imprisoned and the forgotten, as well as supporting social justice and eco justice issues.

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Daily Prayer

Join with us in prayer every day. You’ll find a thought to reflect on and a short prayer along with suggested action. Our hope is to help you focus on your spiritual journey today. For further reflection, action, and suggested reading, click here.

CSSJ Federation Supports Mission Haiti

Following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the Sisters of St. Joseph in the US and Canada pledged to help rebuild the country through a commitment to MISSION HAITI and to the education of girls, support for sustainable farming and a home for frail older women. The education is the priority and each Congregation in the US/Canadian Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph was invited to participate.

> In keeping with the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, once more, a Lenten calendar has been created.  We are invited to journey with and support our “dear neighbors” in Haiti. This fifth printing of The Sisters of St. Joseph Lenten Calendar is designed to not only create public awareness of the critical need for education, shelter, and assistance to children and families but to offer an opportunity to share in the support of our collaborative effort in “Mission Haiti” whose goal is to raise more than $325,000.00 over 10 years.

As Sisters, members, Associates, Co-ministers, collaborators and friends we are invited to assist in God’s compassion and peace to the young girls and teachers at Annunciation School in Haiti.  Some of the students and teachers live in houses made of plywood, cook over charcoal outdoors, and walk to a well for water. Despite their dire circumstances, the girls love reading, dancing, and taking computer classes. They dream of becoming nurses, teachers, and Sisters, like the Sisters who run the school.

The Lenten calendar features bleak statistics about global poverty and offers us an opportunity to pray, fast and support the education of ten Haitian girls and their teachers through the “giving of alms.” It’s also a powerful consciousness raiser about all we take for granted each day. Place the calendar near a pretty vase or bowl and in these Lenten 40 days watch the contents grow as your prayer, your consciousness and your giving do the same. We hope you’ll use it in your communities, share it with families, pray for the mission, give as you can, stretch your generosity and be blessed with God’s presence and the Gospel message.

See News for Calendar.

We have a responsibility to be aware of varying cultural, political and economic perspectives and the needs of all with whom we share this earth both human and non-human
Chapter Direction Statement 2011.
Enriched by the diversity of persons and gifts, and united in faith and prayer, we find the strength, support and courage we need to speak words of peace and healing to our world.
CSJ Constitutions


    Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times.