As Sisters of St. Joseph living in the 21st Century, we believe in the power, presence and love of God working through an evolving universe and in God’s self-communication through Jesus Christ. As women of the Church, we recommit ourselves to Jesus’ mission as we move with the Spirit to bring about God’s reign and seek to promote justice, to live lives of non-violence and to respond to the needs of our time.

Chapter 2011 Direction Statement
In 17th century France in the small village of LePuy, six courageous women envisioned a community rooted in the ‘great love of God and neighbor without distinction.’ Living among the people and moved by this love, these ‘sisters of the neighborhood’ responded to whatever were the needs of the times.
In the spirit of their founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph continue to work tirelessly to bring God’s inclusive love to schools, hospitals, orphanages, health care centers, educational programs for immigrant women, the imprisoned and the forgotten, as well as supporting social justice and eco justice issues.

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Daily Prayer

Join with us in prayer every day. You’ll find a thought to reflect on and a short prayer along with suggested action. Our hope is to help you focus on your spiritual journey today. For further reflection, action, and suggested reading, click here.

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New Leadership Team

New Leadership Team

Meet Us

On August 6, 2016 our Leadership Team for the next five years began its term of office .

Sister Helen Kearney, President
Sister Helen has been President for the past five years and has been elected to a second term.

Sister Theresa Fitzgerald, Councillor.
Sister Theresa is the founder and director of Hour Children, Inc. , a non-profit organization servicing women offenders and their children.

Sister Kathleen McKinney, Councillor.
Sister Kathleen is the principal of The Mary Louis Academy
in Queens,NY.

Sister Elizabeth Hill, Councillor
Sister Elizabeth is the former president of St. Joseph College in Brooklyn, NY.

Sister Joan Gallagher, Councillor
Sister Joan is the former principal of St. Joseph High School in Brooklyn, NY.

The team was installed at a ceremony attended by Sisters, relatives and friends. The ceremony took place in Sacred Heart Chapel in Brentwood, New York.

Enriched by the diversity of persons and gifts, and united in faith and prayer, we find the strength, support and courage we need to speak words of peace and healing to our world.
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    Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times.