As Sisters of St. Joseph living in the 21st Century, we believe in the power, presence and love of God working through an evolving universe and in God’s self-communication through Jesus Christ. As women of the Church, we recommit ourselves to Jesus’ mission as we move with the Spirit to bring about God’s reign and seek to promote justice, to live lives of non-violence and to respond to the needs of our time.

Chapter 2011 Direction Statement
In 17th century France in the small village of LePuy, six courageous women envisioned a community rooted in the ‘great love of God and neighbor without distinction.’ Living among the people and moved by this love, these ‘sisters of the neighborhood’ responded to whatever were the needs of the times.
In the spirit of their founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph continue to work tirelessly to bring God’s inclusive love to schools, hospitals, orphanages, health care centers, educational programs for immigrant women, the imprisoned and the forgotten, as well as supporting social justice and eco justice issues.

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The Sisters of St. Joseph Receive the Cool Congregations Award

The Sisters of St. Joseph Receive the Cool Congregations Award

Our Congregation has been the recipient of the Cool Congregations Award given by Interfaith Power and Light. Every year the Cool Congregations Challenge celebrates the work being done by congregations across the county who are addressing global warming by reducing their carbon footprint and by becoming inspirations to their members and communities.

The Cool Congregations Challenge shows that people of faith are united by concerns about climate change and are taking action. Our congregation received the Sacred Grounds Steward award for Agricultural Ground Preservation.

“The Cool Congregations Challenge winners inspire and show us what is possible. We awarded Catholic Sisters creating sustainable farms in New York, a church in North Carolina that rallied 15 other churches to work together to weatherize low-income homes, and a synagogue in Maryland that swapped out 477 light fixtures. These winners are creating jobs, saving money, and saving Creation. There are dozens of excellent applications, but the five winners really stand out for the creativity and impact of their projects,”
The Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, Interfaith Power & Light

The Sisters of St. Joseph have chosen to collaborate with Peconic Land Trust as we endeavor to protect the land we hold in sacred trust. The Peconic Land Trust staff conducted an analysis of the land based on the soils, vegetation, built structures, and historical land uses. As they evaluated the special features of the property we strategized with them about what conservation tools could be utilized to protect the unique features of the property in the context of our Land Ethic Statement. The long-term recommendations being considered include possible conservation easement options and suggestions for land management that concentrate on the shared sense of mission, obligation, sacrifice, and perpetual care for the land.
“They have given themselves and their resources to the challenge. At this time of planetary degradation and aware of the needs of the Long Island bioregion, they plan to respond by keeping the land in their trust as a sacred place of respect and healing for earth and the community.”
Interfaith Power and Light

Read complete information by following the link in our NEWS column.


Reclaiming the Land

Reclaiming the Land
We have a responsibility to be aware of varying cultural, political and economic perspectives and the needs of all with whom we share this earth both human and non-human
Chapter Direction Statement 2011.
Enriched by the diversity of persons and gifts, and united in faith and prayer, we find the strength, support and courage we need to speak words of peace and healing to our world.
CSJ Constitutions


    Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times.