As Sisters of St. Joseph living in the 21st Century, we believe in the power, presence and love of God working through an evolving universe and in God’s self-communication through Jesus Christ. As women of the Church, we recommit ourselves to Jesus’ mission as we move with the Spirit to bring about God’s reign and seek to promote justice, to live lives of non-violence and to respond to the needs of our time.

Chapter 2011 Direction Statement
In 17th century France in the small village of LePuy, six courageous women envisioned a community rooted in the ‘great love of God and neighbor without distinction.’ Living among the people and moved by this love, these ‘sisters of the neighborhood’ responded to whatever were the needs of the times.
In the spirit of their founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph continue to work tirelessly to bring God’s inclusive love to schools, hospitals, orphanages, health care centers, educational programs for immigrant women, the imprisoned and the forgotten, as well as supporting social justice and eco justice issues.

2016 Golf Journal

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Daily Prayer

Join with us in prayer every day. You’ll find a thought to reflect on and a short prayer along with suggested action. Our hope is to help you focus on your spiritual journey today. For further reflection, action, and suggested reading, click here.

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Rain Garden Update

Rain Garden Update

Utilizing a portion of the grant that we received from the Long Island Community Foundation, we are creating a rain garden near the entrance to the garage/barn parking lot. Rainwater usually pools in this area because it is the lowest elevation point on our Brentwood property. Rain gardens are shallow depressions dug in a lawn and planted with native plants and flowers that allow rainwater to slowly percolate into the ground instead of becoming storm water runoff. Compared with conventional lawns, a rain garden recharges 30% more water into an aquifer. This is especially important here in Suffolk County, where we rely on aquifers for our water supply.
Rusty Schmidt (land ecologist) designed the 2,000 sq. ft. rain garden. The men who work on our grounds prepared the area by removing 15 inches of topsoil. Volunteers from the Suffolk Cornell Cooperative Extension are scheduled to plant the garden. More than 100 native plants and 20 yards of compost will be used. We also will add educational signage to explain the environmental benefits of rain gardens

Brian and Joe Prepare the Area

Brian and Joe Prepare the Area
We have a responsibility to be aware of varying cultural, political and economic perspectives and the needs of all with whom we share this earth both human and non-human
Chapter Direction Statement 2011.
Enriched by the diversity of persons and gifts, and united in faith and prayer, we find the strength, support and courage we need to speak words of peace and healing to our world.
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    Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times.