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February 28

Reflection The work of prayer is tutoring the heart, a quite different thing from training the mind or disciplining the will. Prayer is an apprenticeship in keeping the great commandment, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your

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February 27

Reflection “We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”(Isaiah 64:8) Somewhere in our subconscious, we carry an idea of what our perfect self ought to be. God doesn’t demand that we be

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February 26

Reflection Life cannot revolve around myself and have meaning. In order for life to make any sense at all, there must be a defining center; neither myself nor any self is big enough to be that defining center. Only God,

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February 25

Reflection Play is the exuberant expression of our being. It is at the heart of our creativity, our sexuality, and our most carefree moments of devotion. It helps us live with absurdity, paradox, and mystery. It feeds our joy and

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February 24

Reflection              Unwise impulses seem to come when we are vulnerable, when we are overly confident, or when we let our guard down. They usually aren’t clearly between good and evil. We can easily discern that. These attractions are more subtle.

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February 23

Reflection Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of God in heaven. Matthew 5:44   Offer no resistance to one who is evil. This is crazy. This makes no sense to

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Sister Patrick Maureen Diamond, CSJ

   We’ve gathered today to say farewell to S. Patrick Maureen Diamond –  a 91 year old woman who was a Sister of St. Joseph for 72 years.   Patrick was born  Mary Elizabeth Diamond to Anna Marnell and Frank Diamond

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February 22

Reflection The wilderness is often a metaphor for a “thin place”. According to this concept rooted in ancient Celtic spirituality, a “thin place” is a place where the visible world of our daily experience and the sacred, the Holy intersect.

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February 21

Reflection Sometimes suddenly in the midst of people we feel a sense of incredible aloneness. Yet, in the solitude of nature there is comes a sense of peace and connection. It can be as simple as working in a garden,

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February 20

Reflection The mustard seed begins small and seemingly insignificant. It penetrates its surroundings, grows and maintains a positive influence disproportionate to its size. The tiny seed becomes a tree which provides for the needs of others. Even the birds come

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