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April 30

Reflection This is the season that belongs to the trees. They reach against the blue sky with arms of pink and white and yellow, a rainbow all their own. Tired city streets are enlivened with their beauty, and parks and

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April 29

Reflection In our life history, we circle the self we are, will become, and the center for which we search. Centering is a quieting of motion without loss of vitality. It is never accomplished through sheer will and force. Meditation

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April 28

April 28  Reflection “We are beginning to see an unprecedented phenomenon now happening in this world of ours. People from all walks of life are coming alive and coming together, impelled to create a more just and sustainable society. In

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April 27

Reflection “Too often in its history the Church has been a community of people huddled behind locked doors … to find protection from the menace of heretics, or of Darwin, or of uppity women, or of gays, or of new,

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April 26

Reflection Observing the boldness of Peter and John and perceiving them to be uneducated, ordinary men, the leaders, elders, and scribes were amazed, and they recognized them as the companions of Jesus. Acts 4:13-21 The apostles were men of no

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April 25

Reflection “Shalom I leave with you, my shalom I give to you, Not as the world gives do I give it to you.” John 14:27   Shalom embodies the Biblical vision of creation in which all are one, all reality

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April 24

Reflection There is a residue of the “we had hoped” in all of us. Like the Emmaus’ disciples, our basic problem is one of unbelief. They had been witnesses to all that took place. Yet, there was something preventing them

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April 23

Reflection The biblical meaning of resurrection is a transformation from death to new life.  With the crucifixion and death of Jesus he was simultaneously raised up to new life.  The disciples experienced a presence of Jesus who is alive.  Resurrection

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April 22

Earth Day Reflection The health of Earth depends on a delicate balance of the forces which sustain it. We are the first people who have viewed our planet from space and been awed by its integrity and beauty. We have

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Sister Mary Dunleavy, CSJ

We gather in this season of hope and promise to celebrate the life of Mary Dunleavy, a Sister of Saint Joseph for fifty-seven years. We celebrate Mary’s life, a life of beauty, truth and love in this miraculous season of

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