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December 31

New Years Eve Reflection God is the God of our yesterdays as well as our tomorrows. We look at the year that has passed with its difficulties as well as its joys and give thanks; we look toward the year

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December 30

Reflection Christ shines into the world through us when, as Mary did, we carry him within. When we live his vision of love and harmony, when we are moved with compassion for those who suffer, when we lend our efforts

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December 29

Reflection Yesterday the Liturgy focused on the Holy Family. When we think of the Holy Family, we usually limit our thoughts to the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Yet, Christmas teaches that God is at home with us. “We

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December 28

Feast of the Holy Innocents Reflection Today is the traditional day to remember the Holy Innocents, those children who, according to the Gospel story, were killed at the order of King Herod in order to protect his own power and

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December 27

Reflection “Christmas is not a day, it’s a season. The calendar of commerce exalts the preparation for Christmas then recognizes no time for letting Christmas develop naturally afterward. This creates a real psychic rupture that is felt not just our

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December 26

Reflection Now that the shopping is over, the gifts are unwrapped, the cards have been sent, and the carols are sung, what about Jesus? Is his message as important as whether or not the shopping season had the hoped for

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December 25

Christmas Day Reflection “Joy to the world! The Lord is come!” The light shines in the darkness. We believe that darkness cannot overcome it. We know that, in our hearts and the hearts of many, the message of light still

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December 24

Christmas Eve Reflection “We attend Christmas services in great numbers …because they move us. They touch our hearts. The symbolism is remarkable and remarkably powerful. They begin in darkness and proclaim new life. In the midst of our winter darkness,

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December 23

Reflection O Emmanuel, king and lawgiver, desire of the nations, Savior of all people, come set us free, Lord our God. The gift that Christ offers us at Christmas is the gift of his presence. It is the vision of

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December 22

Reflection “O Ruler of all nations, the only joy of every human heart; O Keystone of the mighty arch of man, come save the creature you fashioned from the dust.” We know now that we are all related in our

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