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March 31

Tuesday of Holy Week Reflection On Tuesday, the conspiracies to trap Jesus escalated. Israel’s religious leaders had one goal: to get rid of Jesus of Nazareth. If this meant cooperating with lifelong enemies, the means were justified. The Pharisees, the

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March 30

Monday of Holy Week Reflection As we enter Holy Week, we ponder Jesus’ prophetic response to his society, his witness to truth, and his steadfast adherence to what he recognized as the essence of God’s truth and justice on earth.

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March 29

Palm Sunday Reflection On a spring day in the year 30, two processions entered Jerusalem at the beginning of Passover. From the east, leading a peasant procession, Jesus rode a donkey down the Mount of Olives. His message was about

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March 28

Reflection The practice of prayer is a lifetime preoccupation. It was easy when we were children. We ”said” our prayers. As we mature spiritually, we realize that prayer involves a wrestling with our concept of God. The comfortable God of

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Sister Bernard Loretto Carr,CSJ

Today we come together to celebrate the magnanimous gift of the life and love of Sister Bernard Loretto Carr, a Sister of Saint Joseph for over seventy-seven years. Daughter of James and Mary Elizabeth, she was a Brooklyn girl from

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March 27

Reflection As we move toward the end of Lent, let us reflect that Lent reminds us to search out where our real commitment lies, to continue exploring, searching, pushing up against the horizons of our awareness. It calls us to

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March 26

Reflection The leadership Jesus demonstrated  refused to obey the games played in positions of power. We live in a world where the powerful get to define the course whether others agree or not. Those who call the powerful to reform

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March 25

Feast of the Annunciation Reflection The annunciation is a faith event. Dramatically, this poor, unconventional peasant woman’s free and autonomous answer opens a new chapter in the history of God with the world…Seen in this light, the particulars of Mary’s

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March 24

Remembrance of Oscar Romero Reflection In El Salvador, in the 1970s and early 80s, a violent and oppressive military government kidnapped, tortured, and executed dissenters. Oscar Romero was considered a career cleric who could be expected to sustain the status

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March 23

Reflection   There is only one thing wrong with the traditional definition of prayer, it misrepresents God. “Prayer”, the old teaching said, was ”the lifting up of the mind and heart to God.” As if God were some regal distant

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