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November 30

Reflection Today the annual International Remembrance Day for Lost Species and the opening of the Paris Climate Change Conference coincide. How appropriate that this should happen. Since climate change is a major cause of the extinctions of species, positive results

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Global Climate March

Global Climate March – Sunday, November 29th In the aftermath of the horrific events in Paris, French authorities did not allow the massive march on Nov. 29, the day before the UN Climate Talks begin. Meanwhile, although the situation in Paris

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November 29

First Sunday of Advent Reflection Advent engages us in the mystery of waiting, the balance of the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible, dormancy and life. For us, this patience in paradox is the experience of Advent. It is

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November 28

Reflection Hope is ”a passion for the possible”. It is the underlying theme of Advent. The Advent readings reflect a belief in the fulfillment of our expectations. We read the ancient longing: “Let us walk in the light of the

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November 27

Reflection As you prepare for the holiday season, do you long to reconnect with the holiness that is the root of the word “holidays”? Does it strike you as odd that people are programmed to rush to stores at ungodly

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November 26

Thanksgiving Day Reflection “Gratitude is the memory of the heart”. It is the awareness that having come into this world with nothing, we have received everything. It is having eyes open to see the love of the family into which

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November 25

Reflection To the  Old Testament prophets God’s love was not some kind of nebulous theory. It was clear cut and direct. What they all had in common was a calling from God and a willingness to pursue that calling. Prophets

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Mission Moments November 2015

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November 24

Reflection We may feel powerless in the face of the large and small hostilities lacerating our planet, but we are not. Peace, both individual and global, begins with us. When we embrace a spiritual path that brings tranquility to our

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November 23

Remembrance of Mother St. John Fontbonne Reflection Yesterday was the feast of Mother St. John Fontbonne who refounded the Sisters of St. Joseph after the French Revolution. She was a woman who truly experienced death and rebirth. At the age

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