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April 30

Reflection It is good for all of us to have periods of time when we can examine our deepest longings and correct the course of our lives. It creates an awareness and appreciation for the precious significance of everyday existence.

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Sister Elizabeth Profreidt, CSJ

ELIZABETH PROEFRIEDT, PRESENTE!   We, the Community, who are gathered here to remember and celebrate our sister Liz, believe that she is present here with us as is her friend, Dan Berrigan, both members of the Kairos community, who spent their

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April 29

Reflection Play is the exuberant expression of our being. It is at the heart of our creativity and our most carefree moments of devotion. It helps us live with absurdity, paradox, and mystery. It feeds our joy and wonder. It

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Leaders as Leaven Proposal

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April 28

Reflection Consecrate them in the truth. John 17:11-19   At the present time, claims to the truth appear to divide rather than to unite us. Different religious or political groups claim special insights. We can be immensely intolerant of those

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Sister Joan Marie McAvoy, CSJ

Sister Joan Marie McAvoy, Sister Maria Columba, was a Sister of St. Joseph for nearly 68 years. Many of us have seen a common garden sign or plaque that reads “Life Began in A Garden.” Hold that image of garden

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April 27

Reflection If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all. Mark 9:30-37  The evening news is focused on those aspiring to political power. If we are paying attention, we try to

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April 26

Reflection In our reading, we can find all sorts of lists that outline the qualities of adulthood. They tell us to manage our emotions, to act with greater self-confidence, to enhance our personal development and not to exploit or harm

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Sister Agnes Alphonse Finamore, CSJ

Rosemary Agnes Finamore was born to Agnes and Alphones Finamore on Sept 2, 1919. She grew up in St. Ephem’s Parish in Brooklyn and entered the Sisters of St. Joseph on Feb 2 1940.  In Sept of 1941 she began

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April 25

Reflection The Gospel challenge for those of us who try to live a Christian life is to put our faith into action. When we look at all the pain, sorrow, poverty, tragedy, suffering and divisions in the world today, our

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