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September 29

Feast of the Angels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel  Reflection In religious traditions angels are spiritual beings serving God especially as messengers. Colloquially, we call persons who are seen as good, kind, or beautiful “angels”. We all have those “angels” in

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September 28

Reflection It is good for all of us to have periods of time when we can examine our deepest longings and adjust the course of our lives. Focusing on our mortality and the factors that wreak havoc upon human lives

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September 27

Reflection To follow Jesus means to be open to being  led by the Spirit..This is a personal journey but never an isolated one. The Spirit of God is always the Spirit of communion with our human sisters and brothers and

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SHA appoints new President

The Sacred Heart Academy community of alumnae, students, current and past parents, faculty and friends officially welcomed Kristin Lynch Graham as President at an Installation Liturgy on September 25, 2016.. The event celebrated Sacred Heart Academy’s legacy of mission and values

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September 26

Reflection Jesus sent the Twelve to drive out the evil spirits that were in the world.  As we know from our social teaching, the evil spirits today include all kinds of powers that move us away from what is just

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September 25

Reflection If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead. Luke 16:31   There is a closed rigidity that lives in its own world. No matter what

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September 24

Reflection When it seemed there was no hope I have seen your light in the eyes of a child. When it seemed there was no joy I have heard your delight in the voice of a friend. When it seemed

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September 23

Reflection Faith in Jesus is not about notional assent to a set of doctrines and rules.  It is primarily about a relationship in which the incarnational body of God in our world grows and flourishes into that fullness of life,

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September 22

Autumn Equinox  Reflection There is poignancy to autumn. This is the time of harvest. The plants have achieved their fullness and now they offer their fruits and drop their seeds. The trees, whose new green announced springtime, lose their green

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September 21

Reflection Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) is a papal encyclical issued by Pope John XXIII. It is one of the most famous of 20th century encyclicals and established principles that underpin some of the documents of the Second Vatican

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Advent Candle Lighting

Advent Candle Lighting

Join with Christians around the world in the prayerful ritual of lighting the Advent wreath.


A Child came for all of us and because of that Child
We believe that love is stronger than fear,
Peace more enduring than hate
And that darkness will never extinguish the light
We are people of hope.

(Light the first candle)

Today we light the candle of peace.
Let us pray for the peace of Christ
which is the fullness of blessing for all.
For this peace we dare to hope.

(Second candle is lit)

We light the candle of love.
For God so loved the world, that a Child was given;
a Savior in the form of love incarnate.
As we light these candles of hope, peace and love,
Let us give thanks for God’s enduring love.

(Light the third candle)


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