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October 31

Halloween Reflection Halloween reminds us that though we can behold eternity in the dark vault of the sky, we are not eternal.  In embracing the darkness, in celebrating death and the monsters of the night, it also commands us to

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October 30

Reflection “Enlightenment is the ability to see beyond all the things we make God to find God. We make religion God and so fail to see godliness where religion is not, though goodness is clear and constant in the simplest

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October 29

Reflection Self-absorption, self-involvement and concern only for oneself detach us from the reality of life. Jesus lived and taught compassion. Compassion lifts us out of our own small world and broadens our vision. It enables us to see not only

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October 28

Reflection The passion of Jesus’ life was to bring about the reign of God, a world in which people were united in God’s love, compassion, justice and peace.  He lived it; he preached it, and he died for it.  It

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October 27

Reflection To be a Christian is to be reflective of the love of Christ. Jesus made it clear that his followers were to be compassionate and inclusive. All were part of his community; no one was left outside his circle. 

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October 26

Reflection Besides challenging his listeners to consider who they were, Jesus urged them to consider who God was. Every story Jesus told revealed something of the Holy, the reality he called “Father”, the image that itself is a metaphor for

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October 25

Reflection “Be careful with your words, but primarily with your mind; do not let evil thoughts start talking to you.  Do not let your mouth say words that could perhaps wound your brother or sister.  Let your mouth put forth

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October 24

Reflection United Nations Day The United Nations came into being on October 24, 1945. The preamble to the UN Charter states as its goals: to preserve coming generations from the scourge of war, to preserve universal human rights, to establish

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October 23

Reflection Jesus addressed this parable to those who were convinced of their own righteousness and despised everyone else.  Lk 18:9-14 A problem arises when we are confident in our own righteousness. We can become smug to the point of despising

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Sister Pat Sullivan, CSJ

  Sister Pat Sullivan was a Sister of St. Joseph for 70 years. All who knew Pat know of her warmth, attention, generosity and joyful spirit.  She knew of God’s love for her first from her parents, Patrick and Mary.

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