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We are women you can meet anywhere any day.


Our goal is to do ordinary things with extraordinary vision: to live our daily lives with the love of God and of all creation.
Rooted in a life of prayer which enables us to embrace our prophetic role, we work together to unite all in God’s love.



Helen (2)In this time we are called to be prophetic, publicly lamenting oppression as contrary to God’s will and encouraging people to strive for an alternative future where coercive power and blind submission are replaced with collegiality, mutuality and egalitarianism.

There have been multiple opportunities provided to expand our understanding of the injustices in our world and the gospel mandate to end oppression, exclusion, violence, the unjust distribution of our resources and the exploitation of our earth. We also understand our responsibility to use our influence to counteract what undermines the expression of God’s compassion for all. In particular we understand the importance of empowering women through education, mentoring and companionship.

The challenges are great but we have expressed the need for patience with ourselves and with one another. We must have patience as expressed in our own words to listen deeply, be attentive to the Spirit and have hope in where we are going. The issues of human trafficking, immigration, preservation of our earth are complex and require our informed and active involvement.

As a community we have proclaimed our belief in the power, presence and love of God working through an evolving universe. Such faith and conviction that our lives have meaning and purpose in this time in our history is a source of deep joy; joy in God’s unconditional love for us; joy in the gift of one another.
We need to own the inherent power of being in community and we need to celebrate its potential to empower us and others to be God’s presence in our world.

“…they may look after prisoners, attend on the poor and the sick in their houses; take care of the infected – they are ready for anything.”

Countess Felicite de Duras, 1835 in a letter recommending that Sisters of St. Joseph be sent to America

“We believe in the dignity of the human person and the call to secure this dignity for all women and men – in expressing our solidarity with the poor and oppressed…”

-CSJVision Statement 1982

“We seek to affirm ministries that address current societal needs and those that would answer emerging needs.”

-CSJ Chapter Goal ’06

As individuals, we strive to be models of our mission within our very persons and in all our ministries; as a Congregation, we seek to make all our sponsored institutions and those who minister within them reflections of our living charism and mission. To that end, we see the need to develop comprehensive, practical and consistent Mission Effectiveness Programs.

Chapter Direction 2011

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    Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times.