Sister Eleanor Ann Novak, CSJ

I am with you on the journey, words we sing so often but not necessarily see the power and influence of God’s companionship on our life’s journey. Today we celebrate Eleanor Ann Novak, a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty

Sister Charlotte Maria Shinnick, CSJ

We celebrate the life of Charlotte Maria Shinnick, a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty-three years. Charlotte lived each one of those years deeply aware of the mission of our congregation to foster unity through love of God and neighbor

Sister Gloria Marie Portolano, CSJ

Like all of us, Gloria was a multi-facetted person.  However, I would offer the word “devotion” as the word that weaves her life together. Gloria Portolano, and her twin, Marilyn, were born to Gaspar and Ida Portolano on June 19,

Sister Frances Therese McGlynn, CSJ

Sister Frances Therese McGlynn was a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty-nine years. Born on Long Island in Kings Park to Lillian and Thomas, Fran attended St. Joseph’s Elementary and Kings Park High School. After entering the congregation in 1948

Sister Kathleen Sullivan, CSJ

We celebrate the life of a women of deep faith, loyalty, action, and courage, an educator, S. Kathleen Sullivan, a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty-seven years. Born in Queens to Mary and Timothy, Kathleen attended St. Sebastian’s elementary school

Sister Judith Marie Burchyns, CSJ

Sister Judith Marie Burchyns, CSJ died on July 30, 2017 in the 60th year of her religious life.

Sister Carol Marie Lenz, CSJ

  Loved, called, joyful and faithful, Carol Marie Lentz lived as a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty-eight years. Born to Pauline and Joseph, named Arlene, she grew up in Greenpoint with her sisters Barbara and Carol, attending St. Cecelia’s

Sister Geraldine Cregg, CSJ

Geraldine Cregg- a Sister of St. Joseph- a woman of joy, a woman of God. We pay tribute to you today, Gerry, for living a life that is simple, prayerful, courageous and compassionate. Geraldine was born to a large Irish

Josephine C. Adams, CSJ

We are here to celebrate the life of Sister Josephine Adams. Josephine was grounded by her family, her friends, her sisters and most of all by God. Her parents brought her up to be comfortable with herself and with others. They gave

Sister Eileen Cecilia Kelly, CSJ

  We celebrate the life of a Sister of St. Joseph, loved by God, filled with the Spirit, chosen to proclaim the good news, Sister Eileen Kelly, a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty-nine years. Eileen was born to Michael