September 23

Reflection Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) is a papal encyclical issued by Pope John XXIII. It is one of the most famous of 20th century encyclicals and established principles that underpin some of the documents of the Second Vatican

September 22

Autumn Equinox  Reflection There is a poignancy to autumn. This is the time of harvest. The plants have achieved their fullness and now they offer their fruits and drop their seeds. The trees, whose new green announced springtime, will lose

September 21

International Day of Peace Reflection The United Nations General Assembly has designated September 21 to be observed as an international day of global cease-fire and non- violence. Let us remember that we are members of one human family living together

September 20

Reflection Agape is not an emotional love, but a love of total commitment, intelligence and will.  It is the only kind of love that makes sense if we are to love our neighbor. The world would work so much better

September 19

 Reflection It is good for all of us to have periods of time when we can examine our deepest longings and correct the course of our lives. This can create a sensitivity and appreciation for the precious significance of everyday

September 18

Reflection Faith in Jesus is not about notional assent to a set of doctrines and rules.  It is primarily about a relationship in which the incarnational body of God in our world grows and flourishes into that fullness of life,

September 17

Feast of Hildegard of Bingen Doctor of the Church Reflection There are people who stretch us beyond ourselves in life. They show us the edges of the human universe, the possible in the midst of the impossible. The memory of

September 16

Reflection Life is a series of moments in process, all of them life-changing, many of them difficult and seemingly impossible. Each of them touches another part of ourselves. Each of them teaches us something that will make the next stage

September 15

Reflection Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. Matthew 5 It seems that bias and violence are replacing any attempt at resolving differences through exchange of viewpoints and ideas. This is not only seen in

September 14

Reflection The natural world opens us to the experience of God. Beauty is everywhere just waiting to be noticed. Most of us, whether or not we are members of a particular religious tradition, find spiritual nourishment in nature. It awes