Sister Search

Sister Search

CSJ SISTER SEARCH: if you would like to try to locate a Sister of St. Joseph who taught you or inspired you or made a difference in your life, we would be happy to help you try to reconnect with that person. Filling out the information requested below will enable us to do this more efficiently. Please understand that, out of respect for personal privacy, we do not release personal information about a sister. For genealogical queries, please also fill out the section at the bottom of the form.

  • Name of parish, school, hospital, etc.
  • City, State
  • Your Information:

  • For Genealogical Queries Only

  • For Genealogical Inquiries Only: Please explain how you are related to the Sister. What is her approximate date of birth and where was she born? Additional comments or information.

Note: If you have had a name change since you last were in contact with Sister, please indicate your maiden name or former name.

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