As citizens of the planet, we have a responsibility to develop a contemporary understanding of varying cultural, political and economic perspectives and the needs of all with whom we share Earth. Virtual communication has made us all neighbors. It is increasingly evident that, as a congregation, technological literacy is imperative for us and we will move in this direction.
Chapter 2011 Direction Statement

We see spirituality and justice as one and commit ourselves to live this out in all our relationships.  We are compelled personally and as a congregation to be the voice of Gospel justice in our world. Our response to injustice calls us to personal and social transformation.

Justice and peace are connected.Systemic evils deprive people of their intrinsic rights; restoring  these rights is the work of justice. Peace becomes possible when people are freed from oppression and abuse. This is the ideal that continues to inspire our actions on behalf of the abused, the oppressed and to minimize the suffering  of the whole earth community as much as we are able.


We have a responsibility to develop a critical awareness of social structures, to confront ourselves and society with injustices we see, and in the light of the Gospel, attempt to transform them.

We strive to make our institutions and ministries models of social justice.

We encourage one another to internalize the values of social justice and to find ways to show concern for the economically poor.

“After the will of the group is ascertained, the Congregation may take a corporate stand publicly endorsing a position in the name of the whole body. A sister, or a group of sisters, has the right to take a public stand on moral issues according to the dictates of conscience.”

-CSJ Constitution

Corporate Statements

Nuclear Weapons

We the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY call on all nations and particularly our nation, the United States, to dare to plan for a nuclear free world.


Abolition of the Death Penalty

We call upon members of our congregation and those associated with us in ministry; we call upon our church and civic leaders to take appropriate nonviolent actions for the abolition of state sanctioned death and to put forth every effort to recognize and affirm the dignity of each life.


Human Trafficking

We, Sisters of St. Joseph, abhor the trafficking of persons, all of whom are our dear neighbor. We are committed to educating ourselves and others about this destructive behavior, to speak out for the truth in order to heal and support victims of this injustice, and to promote life through systemic change.

    Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times.