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The Rosary In Our Day

Lord of our longing, we speak of your coming, born into time, of a woman in the flesh: a time of violence and oppression, of confusion and despair,  a time of antiquity.  And we speak of your coming again, clothed in glory, crowned a king at the end of days, in some unknown future.  But we are  children of the light.  And even in this season of prayer and waiting, we know of a third coming.  Of you born anew each day into the human heart, not in some epoch of the past or prophecy of the future.  But in the here and now even as we call out to you.  In cries and whispers, in song and tears, we speak your name and you are near: the embodiment of God’s love and mercy, born into the cradle within us, growing in us and walking among us, even in the darkest places.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Be born anew in us today and every day.


Our sacred journey during the Christmas Season is a reflection on the joyful mysteries of the Rosary.  You are invited to pray the meditations privately, with your local community, or with other people of faith.   In your prayer, accompany Mary and Joseph as they learn that Mary will bring the Son of God into the world.  Journey with them through Christ’s birth and his childhood.   The experience of the Holy Family is reflected in the stories of refugees who, like the Holy Family, live in the Middle East.  These reflections and personal accounts are excerpted from Catholic Relief Services bulletins.

Please offer your Rosary for the safety of refugee families around the world and for an end to the conflict and conditions that force people to flee their homes.


In The Word  

For the Second Joyful Mystery, read aloud the text from Luke 1: 39-45


In Our Contemplation – Pray for the Fruit of the Spirit – Love of Neighbor

Even though Mary was pregnant, she went to visit her cousin Elizabeth after learning that Elizabeth, thought to be past childbearing age, was pregnant.  It can be difficult for us to go outside of ourselves and be present to the needs of our neighbors, especially given all we carry in our own lives.  In The Visitation, Mary models this for us.

The Holy Family In Today’s World

Malak, a  young Syrian woman who fled her home in Aleppo several years ago is also a model of someone who is present to and sharing joy with her neighbors, despite all she holds in her own heart.  Malak has been working as a teacher since she fled to Turkey.  She teaches Syrian children who, like her, have lost their homes and are living as refugees.  Many are traumatized by the violence they’ve witnessed.  But Malak says, ”Now they are no longer screaming or shouting in fear.”


In Our Prayer

We pray that even when our own hearts are filled with our own joys and sorrows, we will remember to reach  out to and love our neighbors.

In Our Action

Act on this alert.  Rep Lee Zeldin is the one Long Island Congressperson who refuses tot vote for a “clean Dream Act”.  Take someone from your local community or place of ministry to a demonstration at his office (31 Oak Street, Patchogue) on Wednesday, December 13th at 11 a.m.)


Peace Demonstration

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