In our time, we are citizens of the planet, technology has made us neighbors…We have a responsibility to be aware of varying cultural, political and economic perspectives and the needs of all with whom we share this earth both human and non-human…We realize that in today’s world, our charism calls us to engagement in ever wider circles of ongoing love.
Directions, Chapter 2011

Spirituality is an awareness that we long to reach a dimension beyond ourselves. It is a search for union with the Holy Mystery we call God, a mystery we believe is revealed in all creation, but especially through Jesus Christ.  Our spiritual search is rooted in the Gospel where we find the compassion of Jesus who was one with the poor, the suffering and the oppressed. There we find the courageous words that speak to us of God’s justice, forgiveness and inclusive love.

As Sisters of St. Joseph, we try to view our fragile, broken world through that lens. Our vision has been intensified by technology which enables us to see and experience the suffering of people we will never know, the earth which we are abusing, and the living creatures who are helpless to prevent their own destruction. It is a clear call to live out Jesus’ commitment to justice.

The fuller knowledge we have of the universe and its vastness makes us humble before the Creative Mystery. We realize that all that exists has emerged from a common source. Our own search for the living God is no longer simply a personal quest but a contribution to the whole community of being. Our lens has been clarified and through communal prayer, personal contemplation, a commitment to justice and our ministry in imitation of Jesus, we continue to live and work to alleviate suffering and build a world of justice in which all will live in union with God and one another.

Elizabeth Johnson,CSJ Retreat Talk to SHA Faculty
In Good Faith podcast with Sister Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ

The podcast was recorded live on November 1, 2013 and produced by A Nuns Life Ministry. Topics include: Communion of Saints, holiness, infinite horizon of God, and more.


    Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times.