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The St. Joseph Worker Program was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph, Carondelet and is now a supported work of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY. Since 1650, Sisters of St. Joseph have done the works of which women are capable of. Theirs is an indomitable spirit that calls them to social justice and “to love of God and neighbor without distinction.”


The St. Joseph Worker Program empowers women committed to social change to respond to the needs of the times.


The St. Joseph Worker Program fosters the self-empowerment of women through the values of the leadership, spirituality, social justice, intentional community and living simply, to allow them in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph, to serve where the need is greatest.

Women ages 21-30 are welcome to become St. Joseph Workers. Every volunteer is matched with a placement, where they spend a thirty-six hour work week. One night a week is designated for Sharing of the Heart, in which each household spends an evening with spirituality, listening and learning from one another. In addition, the program includes weekly community nights, multiple retreats, social justice opportunities, and other development activities to make the year a truly transformative experience.


The SJW Program operates annually from August to June with workers serving at a variety of locations where Sisters of St. Joseph minister.  We accept applications and interview applicants on a rolling basis with two priority dates:

First Priority Date:           February 15th
Second Priority Date:      April 15th

Applications received after these dates will be processed in the order they are received until all positions are filled.

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Theresa Scanlon, CSJ                           S. Joan Gallagher, CSJ
Co-Director                                              Co-Director


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SJW Brentwood Brochure

Learn More About SJW Brentwood

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