Daily Archives: November 9, 2013

S. Elizabeth Hill Honored by SJC

Invocation at SJC Scholarship Gala Honoring Sister Elizabeth Hill November 8, 2013 God of all being, creator, sustainer and spirit of unconditional love, we call upon your presence this evening as we honor Sister Elizabeth Hill for her dedicated service to the mission of Saint Joseph’s College. Founded in 1916 to promote higher education for women, the college met a

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S. Edward Joseph and S. Pat Turley Honored

Sacred Heart Parish, North Merrick Honors Sisters Since their founding in 1650, the mission of the CSJs has been to live and work so that all may be one.  Still today they meet the varied needs of the dear neighbor through their tradition to divide the city, seek the greatest ills and cure them.” Sacred Heart has had CSJs in

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November 9

Reflection Modern science speaks of a primary potential that is the source of ongoing creation. In the blaze of energy that formed the universe, all that is has become. From that mysterious beginning everything shares its origins and is connected. We call that Mystery God, and, in God, St. Paul tells us, we live and move and have our being.

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