Daily Archives: December 7, 2013

Leaders As Leaven Program

Leadership Development Program for Sisters of St Joseph held in Racine, Wisconsin On December 6, twenty-eight sisters among the younger members of their communities gathered to begin a year of further honing and developing their leadership skills at the first Leaders as Leaven program sponsored by the US Federation for its sisters. The sisters from the Brentwood community are S.

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Calendar Sweepstake Winners

Calendar Winners – First Drawing – December 6, 2013 December 1st                   $100.00                             Eileen McCaffery December 2nd                  $50.00                               John Morgan December 3rd                   $50.00                               Elizabeth M. Moss December 4th                   $50.00                               Vina Cullen        December 5th                   $50.00                               Teresa Bennett Stiles December 6th                   $75.00                               Eileen Christie, CSJ December 7th                   $50.00                               Elizabeth Donovan December 8th                   $100.00                             Christina B. Wettje December 9th                   $50.00                               Mr. and Mrs. Carson

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December 7

Reflection Seventy-two years ago today, bombs fell on Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II. Today, we are still searching for ways to disentangle ourselves from conflicts. Bombs still take lives as old hatreds prevent an end to conflict and the possibility of reconciliation. In the midst of this, simple people suffer and long for peace. Apart

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