Daily Archives: February 5, 2014

Sister Mary Richard Di Giacomo, CSJ

Sister Mary Richard Di Giacomo, CSJ died on February 4, 2014 in the 75th year of her religious life. We come to remember and celebrate the life of Sister Mary Richard DiGiacomo, in her seventy fifth year as a Sister of St. Joseph. As Sisters of St. Joseph, we believe in the power and presence of a loving God working

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CSJ Meeting for Younger Members

In November, 2013, Sisters of St. Joseph of the Atlantic region under the ages of 62 gathered at St. Joseph Villa, Hampton Bays.  Originally scheduled for March but rescheduled because of weather, this gathering afforded the CSSJs opportunities to meet, to pray, and to have conversation about our shared Mission.  As we left that weekend, we knew that this Federation

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February 5

Reflection The Spirit of God is always the Spirit of communion not only with our human sisters and brothers also with with the whole of creation.. This is a personal journey but never an isolated one. We are called to an awareness of our emergence from the same Source and our kinship with all that is. From this understanding is

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