Monthly Archives: June 2015

June 3

Reflection “Come follow me.” They did and their lives were changed. Who were they? They were simple people – fishermen, laborers, tax collectors, widows – people like us. None of them were scholars or theologians; yet, he gave them a vision of what life could be like. That vision disrupted the status quo; it was bold and courageous; it was…

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June 2

National Gun Violence Awareness Day. We’re turning America orange on June 2nd for National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Why orange? The color orange symbolizes the value of human life. Hunters wear orange to alert other hunters that they’re there — as a way to take care of their own life and the lives of others. If you believe there’s more…

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June 1

 Torture Awareness Month Reflection Torture violates the basic dignity of the human person that all religions, in their highest ideals, hold dear. It degrades everyone involved-policy-makers, perpetrators and victims. It contradicts our nation’s most cherished values. Any policies that permit torture and inhumane treatment are shocking and morally intolerable. Nothing less is at stake in the torture abuse crisis than…

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