Monthly Archives: August 2015

August 3

Reflection The Spirit of God is always the Spirit of communion with our human sisters and brothers and communion with the whole of creation. We are called to an awareness of our emergence from the same Source and kinship with all that is. From this is born love and compassion. We know the suffering of those we will never see,…

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August 2

Reflection When you come into contact with the Holy, there can be no barrier between you and the earth on which you stand, the earth which God created and called good, holy. We must take off our shoes for it is only here that we can encounter God. There can be nothing between us and God if we are to…

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August 1

Reflection Enlightenment is the ability to see beyond all the things we make to be God to really find God. We make religion God and so fail to see godliness where religion is not, though goodness is clear and constant in the simplest of people, in the remotest of places. We make national honor God and fail to see the…

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