Daily Archives: September 13, 2015

SHA Honors S. Regina Coll

Sister Regina Coll honored for her participation in the March on Selma Fifty years after S. Regina Coll marched in Selma, her legacy was honored at Sacred Heart Academy. Sister Regina was a math teacher at Sacred Heart Academy when she and Sister Alice Meehan (deceased) went to Selma to support Dr. King’s march for civil rights. They went with…

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September 13

Reflection Be gentle…when you touch bread. Let it not lie…uncared for, unwanted. So often…bread is taken for granted. There is such beauty in bread; beauty of sun and soil, beauty of patient toil. Wind and sun have caressed it. Christ often blessed it. Be gentle…when you touch bread. Discovered next to a loaf of bread, tucked in an alcove at…

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