Daily Archives: July 18, 2016

Sister Mary Slaymaker, CSJ

Tomorrow, for the first time, the Church celebrates the FEAST of St. Mary Magdalene. Pope Francis has raised the day to the same “level” of celebration as that of “THE TWELVE”, saying that Mary Magdalene was “THE APOSTLE to the Apostles.” For Mary Magdalene had been “the faithful one.” She was a faithful disciple, following Jesus not only in his…

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July 18

 Reflection Young children question the “why” of reality. They question and their imaginations supersede logical thought. Perhaps through questioning the why of reality and imagining alternate realities, we can recapture the curiosity of childhood. Why is there war?  Why is there greed? Why is there hatred?  Why are people suffering? What is the cause of poverty? Why do we tolerate corruption in leadership? Why…

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