Daily Archives: February 20, 2018

CSJ Testifies at NYS Assembly

 Water Quality Issues and the CSJs We commit ourselves… To advocate for ethical principles in the treatment of our bioregion and to collaborate with individuals and groups who are committed to these principles. Sisters of St. Joseph Land Ethic Statement As discussed at the Master Plan meetings for the Brentwood property, we have initiated steps to improve the sewage disposable system at our…

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Sister Tesa Receives Renewal Award

Sister Tesa Fitzgerald After 16 years of work in schools throughout the New York area, Sister Tesa Fitzgerald dedicated herself to families impacted by incarceration. “So many people lament over children getting ‘lost in the system,’” she wrote in an essay for HuffPost. “For children of incarcerated mothers, their lives are governed by three critical hours: the hour their mom is…

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February 20

Reflection The community of love which Jesus preached is only the consequence of another essential reality: the all-embracing love of God. Jesus taught that when we spurn people or do not care about them, we are refusing to love those whom God loves. God’s love includes those who do not return that love. Those whom we despise, cast aside, or…

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