Monthly Archives: March 2018

March 2

Reflection  In spite of our apparent strength, we all have our areas of fragility. There is often a time lag between what the mind grasps and what the emotions hold tenaciously. This period may be long or short, but the moment of realization is often a surprising insight. Sometimes the unconscious feelings of a lifetime can be unlocked by a…

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CSJs Awarded NYS Grant

Our application  for a New York Southern Pine Beetle Community Recovery Grant  has been selected for funding. This $75,000 grant enables us to continue the  process of removing infected trees from the woodlands on the Brentwood campus and replacing them with healthy trees.  It will not only support the NYS efforts to slow down the spread of a hazardous pest,…

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March 1

Reflection As we observe the situations in which we live we sometimes tend to focus on everything that is wrong. There rises a feeling of frustration and helplessness. We wonder why those around us cannot see the mess as clearly as we do. How can they be so blind, so unaware while everything is crashing down? This leads us down…

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