Daily Archives: May 7, 2018

Rural and Migrant Ministries

In the past three years, the Sisters of St. Joseph have been collaborating with Rural and Migrant Ministries, a state-wide, faith-based ministry that helps farmworkers and other under-served residents of New York State. Connecting with farmworkers recalls congregational members and leaders in the 1970’s who espoused the values and actions of Cesar Chavez as he exposed the degrading circumstances that…

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May 7

Reflection Taking care of a plant nurtures the plant, but it may nurture us more. Appreciating others, we come to feel more interconnection and belonging. Nurturing the earth reminds us that everything we do matters and makes a difference. Celebrating what we already have helps us feel content and replete. And so, the more we live with appreciation for the gifts of…

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