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Island Harvest Food Bank Celebrates Bountiful Harvest at Brentwood Farm to Help Hungry Long Islanders

On September 18, 2019, Island Harvest Food Bank celebrated the bountiful harvest from their Giving Garden/Farm on the Brentwood Campus of the Sisters of St. Joseph to help hungry Long Islanders. Island Harvest Food Bank, along with the Sisters of St. Joseph and a group of volunteers from the international organic farm organization WWOOF(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), and…

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September 18

Reflection Caught up in our lives of activity we often miss the truly significant moments. We do not pay attention. Lacking awareness, we live in a jumble of experiences without a grasp on their significance. Sometimes we live in a whirl of distractions, sometimes nothing really registers on us and we feel drained of energy; sometimes everything registers and we…

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