Daily Archives: November 8, 2019

Sisters of the Neighborhood – Sister Helen Dolores Byrne and Sister Pat Rizzo

Among the many programs and activities S. Helen Dolores Byrne began while serving as a Pastoral Associate at St. Agnes, Rockville Centre, was an Ignatian Prayer group. On the first Monday of the month the group of 20-30 parishioners would gather to learn and practice Ignatian spirituality. After leaving formal ministry S. Helen along with S. Pat Rizzo continue to…

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November 8

Reflection In a world of quantum possibilities and an expanding universe, future has an endless horizon. The religious dimension of our existence is simply the deep, intrinsic longing for absolute unity, beyond heaven and earth, a stretching forth into the incomprehensible love-energy that is God. How we harness this energy for a deepening of life ahead is the religious question…

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