Celebrating Founders Day in Brentwood

Oct 15, 2022

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On October 14th, all sisters and “partners in mission”(employees) were invited to “walk the mission” and make a pilgrimage from LePuy to Brooklyn led by the Office of Mission Integration. They were encouraged to wear berets and something the color of the congregational coat of arms to show our roots in France. Significant places in the congregation’s journey to the United States were selected.

 The journey began with breakfast in the kitchen at LePuy at 8:30 am. Before the background of a large image of the original kitchen which set the atmosphere, an introduction to our history was presented and instructional materials were shared. A breakfast of quiche, ham, French toast and French pastries was then served to all.

At 10 am it was onto Lyon!  The next step in the journey was set up in a room in the Academy building. Pilgrims were greeted by a sign that said:1807 –  Bienvenue a Lyon! Once again information and a display were shared. Before leaving Lyon, everyone was invited to enjoy some macroons and eclairs!

By 11:30 an ocean had been crossed and the journey had been made to St. Louis set up on one of the convent porches. The congregation was in the United States! After viewing displays and hearing some history Angel Cake was shared and the journey continued.

By 1:00 pm the group was in Brooklyn ready to visit with the sisters who first arrived in 1856! The appropriate materials, photos and information were available. The mission statement was printed on bookmarks.

 And after hearing this last bit of history everyone enjoyed…egg creams!

It was a great way to share the story and fun for all. As one the men on our maintenance staff said: ”Six women began all this?!” Of course! What else?

After completing the journey and enjoying their refreshments, the group traveled to the Joan de Lourdes Room where, via zoom, they joined members of the US Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph from across the country in a Founders Day Prayer.

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