The Garden Ministry

We commit ourselves... To honor the beauty of creation as life giving for the human spirit, allowing ourselves to be filled with awe and reverence before the wonders of creation.

organic-gardenConsistent with reverence for the Earth is allowing it to remain in its pristine state without pesticides and pollutants. We work a natural garden in keeping with our belief that all of God’s creation are sacred and should be treated with respect and care.  We do this as a model of ways to counter the industrial agricultural industry.

The Garden Mission

We engage in diversified gardening as a model of sound, natural gardening, planting a variety of crops, rotating them regularly, and using the spent plants, weeds, grass and leaves (all rich in nutrients) to fertilize the soil.  Nothing is wasted.  Our natural garden is a good example of sustainability. As a bonus, diversified gardening attracts very few harmful insects and those that do come are quickly repelled by the beneficial insects that are attracted to our flowers.  Gardening in this manner keeps ever before our eyes the wonders of God’s creation: the good relationships and cooperation between the plants and animal life; the diverse dying and rising within a vegetable garden, and the beauty of the plants, flowers and trees.

View the video about our Organic Garden: We Are the Dust of the Earth

The Garden Grows

Our garden area has expanded over the years with the addition of chickens, rabbits, and goats.  The expansion continued with the addition of a Community Garden. We have invited interested people to use some of our space to grow their own vegetables.

The Garden Ministry not only seeks to model organic agricultural principles but also to teach children their connection with earth and to foster a community spirit among adults.

Courses for children such as Hands on Earth Play (ages 4-7), Soil, Worms and Compost ( upper grades), My Grown-Up and Me in the Big Outdoors, and other educational experiences are offered regularly.

Throughout the year rituals and prayer at the times of the equinoxes and solstices gather sisters, friends and neighbors in prayer to celebrate the changing seasons.

The Annual Potluck Picnic gathers neighbors and friends in an outdoor community celebration at the end of the growing season.

This year the building of the new brick oven enabled the initiation of Warm Winter Wednesdays to which all were invited to share freshly baked pizza and pita bread no matter how cold or rainy the weather.

In addition to the vegetables from the organic garden, the chickens provide fresh eggs and the bees give their honey.

Participating in creating irrigation systems, making music, learning about compost, cooking eggs, veggies and wheat are activities that make up just another week at the garden.


Spirituality of Bread Making

The Garden Ministry held its first Spirituality of Bread-Making Retreat with ten of our garden volunteers and friends.  Having had the experience of growing, harvesting, threshing, winnowing, grinding and baking our own wheat, we began by recognizing our profound connection with soil, water, sun, and Earth herself.  As we continued through the process of making bread, we reflected on each step and pondered our connections to seed savers, farmers, bakers and eaters across time and space.  We got our hands involved and kneaded the diverse ingredients into one beautiful ball of dough we prayed that “all may be one.”  We practiced the art of rest as we waited for the dough to rise, and we engaged in meaningful conversation as it rose a second time and baked.  We ended our day together by sharing Eucharist, “fruit of the earth and work of human hands.”  It did become for us the bread of life.