31 Dec 2018 - 12:00 AM 12:00 AM

On Dec. 31, 2018  Maria Pascuzz,CSJ will be leading a Holy Land Trip for the the North American provinces of the Sisters of Good Shepherd. There are 25 Good Shepherd Sisters going. At her request, they agreed to let her invite up to five sisters from our community.  You will arrive in the Holy Land on New Year’s Day 2019 and return to JFK on January 9th.

All the trip information, including price, itinerary etc., is available at the following website:

In preparation for the trip, Maria  will be doing 4 or 5 zoom conferences with participants on the history of Israel from the Exodus through New Testament times.

If you are interested, please see the website and then contact Maria at  or call t 619-889-2676.

The trip is being planned to proceed at a pace that’s manageable for all participants.  Galilee temperatures in early January hover around 70 during the day;  Jerusalem daytime temperatures are between 50-60, and the one day spent at the Dead Sea will see temperatures somewhere in the 90s.  After the West Bank visit to Bethlehem, you will also be visiting the Salesian monastery where you will have the opportunity to hear from locals about the current plight of the Palestinians.