Other Ministries

Although our commitment to education continues from preschool to universities, answering the call of Vatican II to respond to the needs of the times, we expanded our ministries. We looked to Jesus whose vision was to make a difference in this world and to be a vehicle of the expression of God’s love and compassion.

Jesus was a compassionate healer and so our Sisters expanded their ministry of health care. Not only did we have a medical doctor and nurses, but sisters also became pastoral care ministers in hospitals, joined the staffs of rehab centers, became part of hospice care and worked in nursing homes and residences for those who needed assisted living.

The example of Jesus in caring for the poor, the widows and the orphans prompted us to become involved with social services. The Providence Houses were founded in which women who were abused or ex-offenders were welcomed with their children to live with
us and have an opportunity to regain their dignity and independence. Hour Children took care of children whose mothers were in prison. Sisters working in parishes visited the homebound, opened food pantries, and journeyed with people in all phases of life.

Realizing that all creation is sacred and this earth is the provider of substance for all beings, an organic garden was planted as a symbol of reverence and care for our common home and sustainer.

In order to be more effective in assisting persons in need of legal help, sistesr became lawyers working with immigrants, those in need of arbitration and prisoners. After being a member of the New York State Parole Board, one sister was appointed as a judge.

It is impossible to list all the various ways Sisters of St. Joseph continue to be faithful to their own call to ”do whatever is necessary” and zealously work to enflesh the vision of Jesus to be reflections of the God whose unconditional love enfolds the world. It can only be said that we are involved in the United States,  Puerto Rico, and internationally as teachers, theologians and authors, spiritual directors, health care providers, social workers, parish ministers, and administrators. We continueto try to respond wherever  we are needed and wherever and however it is possible..