There are 3.2 million immigrants facing deportation in the United States; some are among the 90,000+ undocumented individuals living here on LI.

If you are a Long Islander who…

  • Empathizes with immigrants who faced many crises in their home countries that drove them to seek asylum in the U.S. and…
  • Appreciates the many contributions immigrants make to our communities…

Your Immigrant Neighbors Need You!

Become a Volunteer for the Long Island Immigration Clinic

There are many ways that you can help - 

  • as part of a trained team of volunteers helping prepare asylum applications and other related applications during LIIC's clinic sessions.
  • providing assistance in preparing immigrant friends for court appearances or interviews
  • join with LIIC staff and friends in advocacy efforts to support reform of current immigration policies that will facilitate more streamlined processes and opportunities for humanitarian relief for those seeking asylum

Clinic Volunteer Roles

All team members assist in the ‘listening process’ with the Friend.  One member of the team takes the lead in asking the questions – usually it is the Note taker or Computer person, and then the Translator translates.

Working on an Asylum application (I589) generally takes 4-5 clinic sessions to complete.  Team members are asked to commit to a 4-6 week period (clinic is once/week) to provide continuity on the case.  This continuity supports and respects the relationship building between the team and the friend, who will be sharing very confidential and traumatic experiences.

Volunteer Spotlight

LIIC Volunteer Image

Eduardo Villacorta, Esq.

We celebrate Eduardo Villacorta, Esq., Founder of Villacorta Law Group LLC, and as one of our Wednesday night clinic immigration attorney volunteers!

Eduardo was one of the first attorneys that LIIC contacted when we were forming the clinic.  He participated in our early zoom calls, and when we were ready to open, volunteered himself, as well as another member of his firm to assist in the review of cases.  This continues to the present day!

When LIIC was preparing its application to the Dept. of Justice to become recognized and accredited, Eduardo again stepped up to the plate, writing a recommendation letter as well as a letter of technical support, attesting to the caliber of the work that we do.  Eduardo is well recognized in the field of immigration law, is the President of the Salvadoran American Chamber of Commerce, and just this month received the  prestigious Herald Top Lawyer at its Annual Gala for his excellence in immigration practice.

We are so appreciative of Eduardo’s legal guidance and partnership with LIIC.  We salute Eduardo as our Volunteer of the Month!