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July 23

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Spirituality is for the hatching of the heart. Whatever helps to open our hearts to the reality of the sacred is what we should be engaged in. This awareness leads to an image of the Christian life very different from the one with which I grew up. The Christian life is not about pleasing God the finger-shaker and judge. It is not about believing now or being good now for the sake of heaven later. It is about entering a relationship in the present that begins to change everything now. Spirituality is about this process: the opening of the heart to God who is already here.
Marcus J. Borg, The God We Never Knew


Create a new heart in me, O God!
Psalm 51 


Examine your image of God. How do you relate to what Borg is saying? How might it change your actions and attitudes?

 Suggested Reading

 Neither shall they say, Behold it here! or, Behold it there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
Luke 17:21

So many of us have believed that we need to labor and perform for God so that we can gain an identity, so that we might be accepted. But in the Kingdom, we start off accepted.
Beni Johnson

Nothing is far from God.
St. Monica

Love God, serve God: everything is in that.
St. Clare of Assisi

God is to me that creative force, behind and in the universe, who manifests Himself as energy, as life, as order, as beauty, as thought, as conscience, as love.
Henry Sloane Coffin

What is a loving heart?  A loving heart is sensitive to the whole of life, to all persons; a loving heart doesn’t harden itself to any persons or things.
Anthony De Mello

Silence of the heart is necessary so you can hear God everywhere–in the closing of a door, in the person who needs you, in the birds that sing, in the flowers, in the animals.
Mother Teresa