Our response to injustice calls us to personal and social transformation

We see spirituality and justice as one and commit ourselves to live this out in all our relationships. Systemic evils deprive people of their intrinsic rights and working to help restore these rights is the work of justice.


Information from the Office of Peace, Justice and
the Integrity of Creation

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Chapter 2021 Direction Statement

“We commit ourselves to sharing our spiritual and material resources, to networking and partnering, and to creating ongoing formation and educational opportunities to address racism, restorative justice, immigration reform, human trafficking, LGBTQIA biases, gender inequality, climate change, and other emerging issues.” Full statement here.

Summer Reading/Listening/Watching List

We are asking all of our Sisters, Associates, Agregees, Partners in Mission and Friends to commit to at least one item from the Summer Reading/Listening/Watching list here over the summer months. Also, to complete a 3 question response either in an online response form here or via telephone to this Google Voice (GV) number 631-316-8134. In using the GV, initially you will hear-please state your name and Google Voice will try to connect you.  Then you will hear the response questions.  The three questions are name; title of selection; and any thoughts about it. If you do multiple items from the list, please respond to each one separately


Creighton University and Catholic Climate Covenant

Laudato Si’ and the Catholic Church Virtual Conference

July 13-15  Free Will Donation

Laudato Si’ and the U.S. Catholic Church: A Conference Series on Our Common Home” is a biennial conference series to convene, equip, and inspire Catholics who can more deeply integrate Laudato Si’ and its climate change teaching into the U.S. Church.

Opening keynote: HE Blase Cardinal Cupich Closing keynote: S. Ilia Delio, OSF

For more information, click here.  Registration can be found here.

UN-NGO Religious at the UN

UN High Level Political Forum

July 14th at 7:30 AM

Title: Is Extractivism Compatible with Sustainable Development?

Theme: The impacts of Extractivism on the SDGs and COVID-19 recovery

Description: While the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognize the

need to use natural resources in a sustainable manner (SDG 12.2), there is no specific

reference to the use of non-renewable resources, such as metals, minerals or fossil

fuels. The extraction of non-renewable resources on an industrial scale is an inherently

unsustainable activity, which contributes to many of the ills of unsustainable

development (corruption, economic stagnation, human rights violations, environmental

degradation, etc.). Zoom link here.

Network Advocate/Lobby

Due to the Senate filibuster and GOP opposition to S.1, the For the People Act, it is unlikely that S.1 will receive the 60 Senate votes needed to bring it to the floor. Protecting the right to vote is a moral issue. When we defend our right to vote, we defend our human dignity.


Sisters of Mercy Justice Team and the Franciscan Action Network

Teach-in on the For the People Act (S.1)

Tuesday, July 20 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time


As you may know, this bill is focused on protecting voting rights, ending partisan gerrymandering, reducing the influence of big money in politics, and strengthening ethics rules for government officials. These basics of our democracy are critical if we’re ever to address important issues like climate change, environmental injustice, gun violence, immigration, and hunger and homelessness.


In this teach-in we aim to provide some background on voter suppression, explain why this bill is so important and provide some ideas for action over the next few weeks to press for passing the bill in the Senate. (It already passed in the House of Representatives, but was blocked by the filibuster in the Senate earlier this summer.)


You may register here.




Faith in Action

Thursday, July 22 3:00pm ET

Root Causes Initiative- Immigration from Central America and Mexico

Join Bishop Mark Sietz (Bishop, El Paso) for an important opportunity to engage with key representatives of the Biden administration to discuss their soon-to-be-released Root Causes Strategy: Ambassador Nancy McEldowney, National Security Advisor to VP Harris (confirmed); Michael Camilleri, Senior Advisor to US AID Administrator Samantha Power (confirmed); Deputy Assistant Director Emily Mendrala (invited) and Deputy Assistant Secretary Katherine Dueholm (invited) from the State Department.

Please register here to receive a personalized link to the call.






Pax Christi Metro New York

40 Day Fast for Christian Nonviolence, July 1-Aug. 9

Pax Christi MNY has participated in a 40-Day Fast for Christian Nonviolence from July 1st to August 9th, the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, the largest Christian community in Japan at the time. It is also the anniversary of St. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein), a victim of the holocaust because of her Jewish heritage, and Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter who refused to serve in Hitler’s army. This is a rolling fast, which means we share in the fast with different people choosing to fast just one of the 40 days; the same day every week, e.g. every Tuesday; or more. The hope is that all days will be covered because we are taking turns fasting. Also, please note, the fast does not have to be a fast from food. Some people cannot do that for health reasons, but it is possible to fast from TV, the internet, social media, or some other attachment. Find Resources here.