Our response to injustice calls us to personal and social transformation

We see spirituality and justice as one and commit ourselves to live this out in all our relationships. Systemic evils deprive people of their intrinsic rights and working to help restore these rights is the work of justice.

Information from the Office of Peace, Justice and
the Integrity of Creation


March 21, 2019

Climate Change

All around the world on Friday, March 15, teens walked out of school to demand action on climate change.  Here is what it looked like on Long Island.  http://longisland.news12.com/story/40136142/students-on-li-worldwide-demand-action-against-climate-change?fbclid=IwAR1uUapRJTy8cHIbsvcpSIupMtesEGtXAxstrLcJIVz5kAmurPMEePpDLJI

Green Light NY

Sisters of St. Joseph in NY (Watertown, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Brentwood) along with other religious congregations and faith leaders continue to campaign for drivers licences for all capable drivers to increase assist our immigrant neighbors; increase public safety on the roads; and support working families.  Here are the Senators currently co-sponsoring this NYS bill.   Sepulvada, Bailey, Benjamin, Biaggi, Comrie, Gianaris, Goundardes, Harckham, Holyman, Jackson, Kavanagh, Krueger, Liu, May, Mayer, Montgomery, Myrie, Ramos, Rivera, Salazar, Serrano, Stavisky.  If you state senator is not on this list, please contact them and urge them to co-sponsor.  Find your state senator here: https://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator

Census Participation

The Central Islip area tends to be generally under-counted in the census due to the amount of low income or immigrant communities that are suspicious of census workers. Every 10 years a census determines funding and representation so its very important for each community to be properly counted. The Long Island Civic Engagement Table is currently strategizing with organizations on ways to increase knowledge around the census with the local communities. Stay tuned…

Response to New Zealand Attack on Mosques

Non-Muslim people of faith are gathering at the Islamic Center of NYU to support the Muslim community following the mass shooting in New Zealand. Please come to welcome the Muslim community to Friday Jummah prayers with supportive signs and a warm presence. The hope is to form a ring around ICNYU.

Friday, March 22  12:30   238 Thompson St. New York, NY

Contact Lonnie Firestone or Lauren Greenberg to RSVP.