Long Island Immigration Clinic

Long Island Immigration Clinic is a pro se clinic, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph that serves and advocates for immigrants who are seeking to obtain legal status in this country. LIIC is a Department of Justice Recognized and Accredited Program. 

The Need

Through history and experience, the Long Island Immigration Clinic Advisory Board recognized that there was a dearth of services on Long Island to help those immigrants newly arrived in our country.  LIIC was created to address the need of our immigrant sisters and brothers  who required assistance with their applications for asylum and other immigration programs. Our program model is based on the models of some very successful Pro Se Clinics operating in the NYC Metro area.

What We Do


LIIC is a ‘pro se clinic’ which means we assist individuals to represent themselves in immigration court.  LIIC has a small core staff, complemented by non-attorney volunteers who are supervised by accredited representatives and immigration attorneys.  We are recognized and accredited by the Department of Justice to do this work.

LIIC helps individuals  fill out asylum applications, employment work authorization forms, and identify ways they can obtain legal relief from deportation and detention. We assist them in  understanding their legal rights so they can fight their own case, and/or help them in locating a pro bono or low bono attorney who will represent them in court. Teams of volunteers help them prepare for court appearances or interviews, and LIIC links them with an accompaniment program in NYC to accompany and support them at their immigration hearings, which are all held in lower Manhattan.

Typically, individuals come to LIIC:

  • After a recent arrival in this country and they want to apply for asylum
  • A loved one has been detained or threatened with deportation
  • They have received a deportation notice
  • For help with employment and other forms connected with their immigration status

Where We Are Located

Long Island Immigration Clinic

The Clinic will be based on the campus of the Sisters of St. Joseph, located in Brentwood, Long Island. We plan in the future to have available a ‘virtual’ clinic for our immigrant friends who can’t travel to Brentwood, utilizing Zoom technology.

Our Address is:

164 3rd Avenue, Brentwood, NY 11717

Our Phone Number is: