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March 5

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The substance of the sacred is woven into the fabric of existence, and belongs to the deepest promise of creation: that life is not just survival but a celebration of love. In this substance are written all of the names of creation, names that embody the individual purpose of each thing that exists, and also the oneness of which we are all a part. Without this sacred substance we would just be a physical object, a planet spinning through space, without meaning or purpose.
And yet this substance has been covered over, forgotten by a global materialistic civilization that has lost touch with its own roots in the sacred. And just as the light within a human being, the spark in the soul that carries the secret of our individual life, can be covered over by the dust of the world, so too has this sacred substance become lost in our patterns of consumerism, in our treating the world, its oceans and forests, as an object, a resource—something separate from ourselves to be made toxic through our endless desires…what will it take for us to awaken, and more important, what will it take for the world to awaken, for the song of creation to be heard once again?
Llwellyn Vaughn-Lee


May I be attuned to the sacred in all life.


How can you, we, awaken to the “song of creation?” Are there some specific things we can do to help us to awaken one another?

Suggested Reading

The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of God’s hands.
Psalm 19:1

Ever since the creation of the world God’s eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things God has made. So they are without excuse.
Romans 1:20

The universe unfolds in God, who fills it completely. Hence, there is a mystical meaning to be found in a leaf, in a mountain trail, in a dewdrop, in a poor person’s face. The ideal is not only to pass from the exterior to the interior to discover the action of God in the soul, but also to discover God in all things.
Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Praised be You, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, producing varied fruits with coloured flowers and herbs.
Francis of Assisi 

All living creatures are sparks from the radiation of God’s brilliance, emerging from God like the rays of the sun.
Hildegard of Bingen

Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement… get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.
Abraham Heschel

Our mission is to celebrate the greatness of Creation and connect it again to the Core where it came from and to where it will go, with care, lightness, joy, reverence and love.
Leonardo Boff

There is something to be said about the vastness of the earth, as well as the vastness of the heavens, in reminding us how small we are and how great God’s creation is.
Aleksandra Layland

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour if we only tune in.
George Washington Carver 

We all draw breath and life from the same source of creation.
Bryant McGill

God is the creator of incredible beauty and all that God envisioned and desired to create, God also desired to share.
Michelle Carbotte