Sister Lucy Mary Blyskal. CSJ

Sister Lucy Mary Blyskal, CSJ  entered into eternal life while residing in St. Joseph Convent, Brentwood.

Lucy entered the congregation in 1959 and her 61 years of religious life was grounded in God’s inclusive love.  She was a seeker of knowledge, a woman of faith, trust, strong values, and hope. “Hope is to fall deeply in love with God, the God of promise who has taken us out of darkness into wonderful light. It is to enjoy laughter, to delight in life’s incongruities. It is to lift one’s heart to God and share that hope with others.”  (Joyce Rupp)  Lucy spent her life walking in this spirit of hope while ministering with compassion and concern for others.

Lucy gave generously of herself to the community as a Canon Lawyer, teacher, Tribunal Judge and Vice Chancellor for the Rockville Centre Diocese and served on our leadership team as Councillor from 2000 through 2011.

She felt a call of deep faith, leading her to religious life as a Sister of St. Joseph. She was at home easily in a novitiate experience of prayer, work, regulations and education. Her bright mind led quickly to advanced education and degrees. However, most people were drawn to Lucy because of her kindness, her listening ear and deep compassion. She was gifted in music and led a children’s choir while teaching elementary school. From there she moved on to teaching in high school where she was known for her patience and then on to administration of elementary schools where people remarked on her commitment to students and her empathy.

Lucy held many elevated roles within the community…work in the diocese, the marriage tribunal and on the congregational leadership team. But what remains in everyone’s mind is her joy, generosity, and gracious manner.

On the day Lucy died, when asked how she would remember Lucy, one Sister said “without guile” somewhat like Nathaniel in the gospel. Lucy greeted you as she viewed you – as beloved so she was always full of joy to see you.

Sister Lucy Mary Blyskal, CSJ died on June 22, 2020 in the 61st year of her religious life.

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