Sister Mary Angela Coughlin, CSJ

We have come to celebrate the life of Sister Mary Angela Coughlin a Sister of Saint Joseph for nearly seventy-three years.

Veronica Coughlin entered the Sisters of St. Joseph on February 2, 1941 and at Reception she was given the name Sister Mary Angela. She spent most of her minitry in elementary school teaching the primary grades. Later, she worked as a parish minister and then as a Resource Room teacher

Jesus said to his disciples: “Let the little ones come to me for such is the kingdom of God.”  Mary Angela literally lived that message all of her life.

Our congregation has a tradition of hospitality flowing out of the gospel mission to love God and neighbor without distinction, witnessing to God’s all-inclusive love. Angie welcomed kindergarten and first grade children for thirty three years. Young children have an uncanny ability to know the heart and intention of a person and I am sure they understood Angie as truly God’s real presence of love and concern.

As Sisters of Saint Joseph we believe that God is intimately involved in our evolving universe. As we journey through life we pray to be attentive to God speaking to our hearts so that we will respond and meet the needs of the neighborhood. Angie brought her profound expression of love and gratefulness to the people of St. Joseph’s Parish in Hewlett for almost twenty five years. They came to know what Angie’s family, especially her sister Ann, has always known that we are to love one another as God has loved us. Angie did this with simplicity, courage and compassion and in her own endearing way challenged others to do the same.

Angie we give thanks for your kind, generous and loving life. We will always hold you in our hearts. We pray that our love may increase ever more because we have known you and we believe that your joy will never cease now that you are in the fullness of love for all eternity.

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