Sister Alice Haigney, CSJ

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On this beautiful September day when we can see the earth, sky and the beautiful aspects of nature that surround us, we come to celebrate the life of Alice Haigney , a Sister of Saint Joseph for eighty-two years. Pope Francis has inspired us to realize that all life is interconnected and what happens to one of God’s creatures has an impact on others.


Alice had a sense of the power of relationships in her own life. Born to John and Susan Haigney, nearly one hundred years ago, in Belle Harbor, Alice graduated from Bishop McDonnell High School in Brooklyn. She entered our congregation and studied biology, receiving her decree from St. John’s University. She shared her knowledge and insights as a teacher in elementary school here and in Puerto Rico. She taught science and also was the Principal in Academia San Luis in Lajas and Colegio San Jose in San German, Puerto Rico. She returned to the states to teach science in St. Pascal’s, St. Brendan’s and Stella Maris High School.

Family was very important to Alice and she cherished her relationships with her nieces and nephews. We have been told that when their parents were away, they always wanted Alice to babysit for them. Alice was a true teacher and that included passing on her love of science to her family.

Today we celebrate a long life, well lived with dedication, joy and committed to a vowed life in this congregation. Alice learned about science during that time but she also grew in understanding of God’s unconditional love for her and all creation. Over all of her years on this earth, she lived to bring God’s healing and reconciling love to all she met. We are grateful for her life and her commitment to our mission of love of God and neighbor without distinction. May we honor her by living our lives to do the same.

Sister Alice Haigney, CSJ died on September 11, 2015 in the 83rd year of her religious life.

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