Sister Eileen Cecilia Kelly, CSJ


We celebrate the life of a Sister of St. Joseph, loved by God, filled with the Spirit, chosen to proclaim the good news, Sister Eileen Kelly, a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty-nine years. Eileen was born to Michael and Brigid in St. Jerome’s parish and attended St. Joseph’s High School. After entering the congregation Eileen taught young children in parish schools and then in Colegio Santa Teresita in Ponce Puerto Rico. While in Puerto Rico, Eileen earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business. On her return to the states, Eileen taught Spanish in St. Joseph’s High School and Holy Family High School and earned a Masters in Spanish from St. John’s University.

Eileen taught but her life was the real lesson for all who knew her. She was interested in and cared about all who were in contact with her. Eileen’s compassion and concern for others drew her to study Pastoral Ministry, Grief Counselling and she eventually obtained certification in Gerontology. All of her efforts were directed to help others recognize and trust in the love of God as they met many challenges in life. Eileen knew God’s love in her own life and was ever ready to be the presence of that love to her family, our congregation as Superior of our Motherhouse, parishioners and senior citizens here in Suffolk County.

Eileen helped so many through life’s challenges and when she, herself, faced her own challenges she was a courageous witness to the power of trust in God’s love, never complaining. She continued to be keenly interested in the lives of others and always thought of each person over herself. With the faithful companionship of friends and Family, especially her brother Bill, Eileen journeyed into the everlasting embrace of the God who loved, chose and accompanied her into everlasting peace. Eileen, we have all learned from you and we are grateful for your life with us and your dedication to our congregation. May you have everlasting peace and joy.

Sister Eileen Cecilia Kelly, CSJ died on June 10, 2017 in the 69th year of her religious life.

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