Sister Helen Lauria, CSJ

We all come together to celebrate and give thanks to our Creator God for the grace-filled and beautiful life of Sister Helen Lauria, formerly Sister Regina Elizabeth, a Sister of St. Joseph for 74 faithful years.

Proudly born to Guiseppe and Angelina Lauria, Italian immigrants, Helen treasured her rich heritage and the joy and celebratory memories she shared with her 4 siblings ~ Rose, Viola, Carmela and Tony.

Our Lady of Sorrows School and parish in Corona, along with her family’s vibrant faith and trust in a providential God nurtured Helen in a love of the Eucharist and special devotion to St. Joseph.

After graduating from St. Joseph’s Juniorate Helen entered the community filled with zeal and humility.  Her Party often recalled Helen’s proclamation on Entrance Day that the beauty and awe of Brentwood was the best-kept secret in the community ~ a vision she kept until her death.

Helen’s ministry as an elementary school teacher with a specialty in educating first graders spanned nine schools from Northport to Brooklyn.

Over the years Helen took great joy in sharing the richness and rituals of community life with her sisters.  Kindness and affability were her trademarks

Learning to drive later in life energized Helen to graciously offer to take anyone, anywhere to make up for lost time.  The open road was her contemplative journey.

Helen’s talent and skill as an excellent cook, especially in all things Italian endeared her to many sisters who eagerly gave up their cooking turns to enjoy Helen’s mastery culinary art.

A highlight of Helen’s life that she often recounted was her participation in a group tour to Europe and in particular to her beloved Italy.  Her joy was accentuated by a surprise visit from Sister Joan de Lourdes who was studying in Rome.  The fact that Joan showered the sisters with extra LIRA for pasta and vino made it even more memorable.

Helen completed her active ministry as a volunteer in Holy Family parish in Flushing.  As a Eucharistic Minister she visited the sick and homebound bringing a warm and faith-filled sense of hope and peace to the suffering and needy.

Thirteen years ago Helen returned to her beloved and beautiful Brentwood home to live her life in prayerful serenity.

We’re happy that Sister Cathi Kugler, Community Life Coordinator in Maria Regina whose musical talent and faithful presence brought a deep peace to Helen’s life will now share a short reflection.




Heartfelt gratitude, Cathi for your words that capture the depth and simple beauty of Helen’s life.  As our Constitution is placed in Helen’s hands, may we all be graced to strive daily to lead a life that is prayerful, simple, and compassionate ~ a life that Helen lived so faithfully for 74 years as a Sister of St. Joseph.

Sister Helen Lauria, CSJ, the former Sister Regina Elizabeth, died on February 16,2023 in the 73rd year of her religious life.

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