Sister Loretta Murphy, CSJ


In Picture1this season of Pentecost, we celebrate the presence of the Spirit in our lives, the unfathomable love of God revealed in our relationships and everyday experiences. We celebrate the life of Sister Loretta Murphy, S. John Muriel, a Sister of St. Joseph for sixty-five years and part of the Immaculate Conception parish community for fifty-two years. Sister Loretta revealed God’s unconditional love every day of her life.

Loretta was born into the neighborhood of Queens through the love of her parents, Mary and John. After completing high school, she was drawn to the Sisters of St. Joseph and taught young children in the primary grades, eventually achieving a degree in business Administration from St. John’s University.

Here at Immaculate Conception School, Loretta built strong relationships with the children and families because she truly loved them. If she saw a need, she quietly found ways to meet it and was a revelation of God’s love in the daily lives of faculty, families and parishioners. Through her hard work and unfailing dedication, Loretta continued to serve this parish as a Learning Coordinator and in the Business office. No matter where Loretta was, there was care, compassion, generosity and unfailing love. What we are really saying is Loretta embodied the Spirit of God’s all-inclusive and reconciling love through her faithful presence to the neighborhood and she will live on in the memories of all, especially her sisters at Immaculate Conception Convent.

These words were found on a paper Loretta kept under the blotter on her desk and it is entitled a “Blessing of One Who Has Died.”

“We gather to send you forth on the wings of love. We join with you and  give you our love as you face the great mystery of death. We cradle your love in our hearts and in our memories. You will remain part of us always.  We gather here to bless you now that you have journeyed home and to express our gratitude for what you have given us by your presence in our lives.”

Sister Loretta Murphy, CSJ died on May 17, 2016 in the 65th year of her religious life.

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