Sister Virginia Mary Crowley, CSJ

While her curriculum vitae shows 76 years of religious life to include successful teaching in several elementary and high schools,  degrees from St. Johns University and University of Notre Dame, and her legacy of building at Sacred Heart Academy,  Virginia’s greatest “achievements” lie more in the person that she was and not necessarily what she did,

A seemingly confident, no-nonsense woman throughout her life, that veneer often shrouded her true self: a humble, generous, passionate, faith-filled woman who totally embraced  the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Having partnered with Virginia for a full fifty years as colleague and friend, I know full well that Virginia was a magnificent administrator who empowered her colleagues with vision, the means to achieve tasks and total gratitude for the work accomplished.

The last eight years were difficult  for Virginia and for those who loved her, nevertheless it gave still one more opportunity for a new generation of young people  (many the children  of young Sacred Heart graduates) to know of the sisters, their role in the Church and world…and  Virginia.
Kathryn Schleuter, CSJ

Sister Virginia Mary Crowley, CSJ, formerly Sister Emiliana, died on October 27, 2021 in the 77th year of her religious life.

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