Sister Catherine Anita Kelly, CSJ

S. Catherine AnitaSister Catherine Anita Kelly, CSJ died on January 1, 2015 in the 74th year  of her religious life. God is with us in all of our relationships and experiences. Sister Catherine Anita knew “God with us” in her life and today we celebrate her, a sister of St. Joseph for 74 years. Catherine, daughter of Catherine and George understood the power and presence of God’s love in her life and diligently shared that with others.

As Sisters of Saint Joseph we strive to see the beauty and wonder of God’s unconditional love for all creation and to seek ways to serve others, care for their needs and help to create a kinder and more just world. Catherine lived out her vowed life with this intention and with great dedication and loyalty to the congregation.

As teacher of mathematics, here and in Puerto Rico, she was determined that her students would use their intellectual gifts to understand the wonders and potential, not only of math, but of the use of their gifts for the sake of our world. Catherine understood that we have all been gifted by the Creator and she was determined to use her gifts for the sake of others – students, colleagues and friends. She studied, prepared and consistently took advantage of programs and grants to learn more for the sake of her students. Teaching on multiple levels, elementary, junior high and high school for over fifty-four years, Catherine knew the power of relationships to bring out the best in the students she taught and her colleagues, not only in math but in an awareness of the gifts that God had given them. She recognized God’s presence in all she knew. Now we are assured that Catherine experiences the fullness of God’s love.

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