Sister Mary Ellen Kane Named Executive Director of the U.S. Federation

The Leadership Assembly of the U.S. Federation has affirmed Sister Maryellen Kane, CSJ as our new Executive Director. Sr. Maryellen, from the Brentwood congregation, has had many experiences with the Federation that she believes has enriched her religious life. In the years 1994 to 2000, while serving on the Brentwood Leadership Team, she was a member of the Governing Board for the Federation. In addition she spent two summers studying our foundations at the Bearers of the Tradition Program, provided several presentations to the Atlantic Region of the Federation, participated in programs at the International Centre, and was a mentor in the second cohort of Leaders as Leaven as well as a presenter at all three cohorts of the program. Most recently, she served on the “Mission, Vision, and Values” subcommittee in the reconfiguring process of the U.S. Federation and at the request of Sr. Patty Johnson — the current executive director of the Federation — gave the first TIM talk for the Federation.

Sr. Maryellen’s participation gives witness to her deep love for the U.S. Federation and a broad knowledge of its past history and present realities. She believes in the power of relationships and trusts that the Federation’s commitment to expand its membership and widen its tent is the opportunity and challenge of this time in our history. Her experience working with diverse cultures, races, and faith traditions throughout her ministerial career have blessed her life, helping her to look at situations from various perspectives which will serve her well in her new role. The Leadership Assembly believes strongly that Sr. Maryellen’s capacity to be a bridge builder is what the Federation needs as we transition from what has been to what will be.

When asked of her interest in this position, Maryellen responded, “I am encouraged to apply for the position of Executive Director of the Federation by my great love of and appreciation for our Charism of Active Inclusive Love. More than ever as militarism and terrorism tighten their grip on our way of life, we need to support each other in the task of unconditional love. This moment in history requires us more than ever to not just talk of, but also to realize the power that we have in our relationships. In a society fueled by the politics of difference, where some people are valued more than others and some are not valued at all, unity and reconciliation are in great need. I see the Federation as the vehicle through which we can join together with others in the healing of a broken world and broken lives.”

Sr. Maryellen is ever excited about how the power of relationships brings about real change in the public arena. With extensive training and experience in community organizing, Sr. Maryellen will bring her skill in the art of building public relationships, and coupled with her energy, enthusiasm ,and outside-the-box-thinking make her the right choice for this time in our history.

Sr. Maryellen’s tenure as executive director will begin on January 1, 2020. Sr. Patty Johnson, our current Executive Director, will work with Sr. Maryellen Kane to assure a smooth transition of leadership in our Federation.