“Varick Ten” Immigration Advocates Block Traffic and Call on House GOP to Stop Blocking Reform

In Act of Civil Disobedience, Ten (including Susan Wilcox, CSJ) are Arrested Outside Varick St. Detention Center

Capping off a month of renewed momentum around immigration reform, a diverse crowd of nearly 100 New Yorkers rallied outside the Varick St. Detention Center on Tuesday, Oct. 29 and supported the “Varick Street Ten,” a group of ten protesters willing to risk arrest. Chanting, singing, and waving signs, the protesters raised their voices against the continued deportation of 1,100 people daily while House leaders sit idly by, refusing to move an immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship to the floor for a vote.

“Our nation’s deportation practices have been kept in the shadows so that we don’t see the brokenness that our current policies produce. We don’t see the anguish, the terror and the tears,” said Sister Susan Wilcox. “But slowly, more and more, we are seeing and saying, ‘enough’. Now is the time for change. Today I am getting arrested for the Dreamers who have lived their lives in this country, some not even knowing until they graduated high school that they were undocumented. And for the Dreamer activists who stand up as undocumented in such a fundamentally American way, challenging our immoral and dehumanizing immigration policies. Their courage fills me and inspires my own activism.”

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