April 1st Is Census Day

Mark your calendar.  April 1st is Census Day.   Having every person living in the U.S. counted in the 2020 census is a goal Sisters of St. Joseph are working for.  Why?  Because we call ourselves “Sisters of the Neighborhood” and we know what an accurate census count means to everyone who lives around us.


All our children need: schools, playgrounds, day care and after-school programs.  The census determines the dollars needed.


Every resident needs public services: transit, roads, shopping areas, hospitals, fire departments, libraries, senior centers and more.  The census determines the dollars needed.


Every neighborhood needs protection, relief and recovery in times of emergency.  The census determines the dollars needed.

Conditions for taking the census have changed with the coronavirus.  The need for an accurate count is even more important.  Please take this message to vulnerable neighbors who are reluctant to respond for a variety of reasons such as unfamiliarity with the process, privacy concerns, language barriers, housing arrangements, and child custody agreements.   Help them.  Wherever, whenever and as much as you can.

HOW TO RESPOND:  Over the phone.  In English: 844-330-2020; In Spanish: 844-468-2020; In Haitian Creole: 844-477-2020. For other languages the Help Line is 1-800-923-8282 or go on-line at www.2020census.gov .  Or mail the paper questionnaire if the household receives one.   BEWARE OF E-MAILS.   IT’S A SCAM, NOT THE CENSUS!