Building 4 On Our Brentwood Campus Is Now La Providencia Center

A Renaming and Dedication Ceremony was recently held to rename Building 4 – or the St. Joseph Renewel Center – on our Brentwood Campus to La Providencia Center.

We thank S. Gloria Cruz, CSJ again for her suggestion of La Providencia for Building 4. Our Lady of Providence is the patron of Puerto Rico, the beautiful island that the Sisters of St. Joseph have been present on for over 90 years. The Spanish expression of her name, La Providencia, is a reminder of our dear neighbors in Brentwood of which approximately 64% come from Spanish speaking countries. With the local communities, spirituality programs, and administrative offices that are part of Building 4, we trust they are all under the protective care of our loving God; Holy Mystery who nurtures and nourishes our spirit.

View the ceremony (which took place in November 2020) here:

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